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Co-Op Discount Program

As part of our continued effort to provide the best possible pricing and service to our associations and awards customers, we offer a program called our COD (co-op discount) program. COD simply put means the total dollar amount of discount that you receive on your order we get to use towards advertising with your association or benefit. The advertising dollars would be used in ways such as Facebook posts about our company, banners hung in the arena, commercial played during live feeds, publications, flyers, entry forms, barrel wraps or any other advertising avenues set forth in your advertising handbook.

An example of how this would work; if you were to purchase awards from us and the total dollar amount of awards purchased equaled $2,000 and we gave you a $200 discount, we would be able to use the $200 towards advertising through your event. We offer this program as a mutually beneficial opportunity, a way for us to be able to offer you a larger discount as well as you being able to offer high quality awards or donations. Please contact us at info@heritagebrand.com or call us at 855-389-9889 for more information and to see if your association qualifies for our COD program.