The Truth Hurts
July 13, 2016

"Had a bad experience with Tack repair after spending over $750. Spent money to send it back and have item fixed and product was not fixed when I got it back and I ended up fixing it myself and didn’t get any money back.”

A couple months back we posted a quick Customer Survey with some pointed questions to help us gather information about our customers. Where you live, what you do with your horse, etc… and most importantly to gauge how we are doing as a company. To date, there have been 661 responses to this survey. The survey was completely anonymous, which we hoped would garner the most authentic, unbiased responses. And boy did it!

The last question on the survey, was the most valuable.

“Tell us what you really think! Please elaborate on any of the above answers, and/or share with us any comments or suggestions you think we should know.”

We wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. The things you might say to your friends about us, the things that keep you coming back, or disappoint you, frustrate you, or down right make you mad about how we operate. It was a platform for you to anonymously vent, and it is the most constructive feedback we have ever received.

And while you might expect me to brag on the numerous positive comments we received, that’s not what I’m going to do.

Today I’m going to do something a little unexpected. Some might call it reckless. Something you probably haven’t ever seen another company do. I’m going to unveil the skeletons in our closet and show you each and every one of the “negative” comments that we received from our Survey. I’m not leaving a single one out, no matter how harsh and embarrassing they are. Some require a response, some don’t. But each and every one allowed us to learn how we are failing. How we need to improve, and grow and be better. So thank you for your honest critique of our company, I promise you we are listening and will be better because of it.

(*Responses shown in italic, and grouped according to subject when applicable.)

I love my sets. You guys helped me design all my sets. However, even being flattered, I saw you sold my design online, not happy. I like to stay different. That's my only complaint. Only!

Let me just say that you are not the first person to voice this concern, and you are justified. We are guilty of being short-sighted in the assumption that customers were complimented by this gesture, and have since changed our policy regarding this. Sorry for the lapse in judgement on our part, it won’t happen again!

Well I scored your company low on quality because when I received my tack set there was a crystal already missing from the concho and I've only put it on my horse maybe 5 times and a stud already fell off. The tack set was a big birthday present for me from my parents and I know they spent a lot of money on it and I was hoping it would be a lot more durable then it is... I think it's beautiful and everything I wanted but it's hard for me to justify spending that kind of money again on something that doesn't hold up very well.

I would score us low too. I’m so very sorry to hear this was your experience, and would love to repair or replace these items for you. Thank you for this detailed feedback, and I am sincerely sorry that we let you down.

Warranty goes a long way when selling tack at the price point to which you do. Knowing that there is a lifetime warranty on the crystals and "metal" used carries a lot of weight when deciding which company to give my money to. This is why I have 4 (custome/large $ amount) Luan's Tack sets and 0 Heritage Brand.

We couldn’t agree more on the value of a lifetime warranty! Which is why all HB products have and always will come with our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, it’s one of the services we are most proud of, and I’m sorry you weren’t aware of this. It’s transferrable as well, in case you ever sell your HB product. We will work harder to make sure we communicate this better. Check out our Warranty.

I love your tack. I feel like there is a disconnect with your website as compared to your Facebook. Photos on FB are much more detailed and many more choices than I've seen on your site. Don't change your quality. My headstall and breast collar is spectacular and well worth the money!

Yes! It’s a constant struggle to convey the same detail you see in the editorial style FB pic’s on our website, as well as not flooding the site with too many options. FB is a great place to see the most current creations, many of which are added to the website for immediate purchase. Know that we recognize this disconnect and are working towards a new and better site design to improve this!

I love y'all's stuff and y'all do a good job but it's really expensive which is a huge turn off because it goes on an animal with a mind of its own who doesn't know how much you spent on that breast collar/headstall they just broke.

Your tack is really beautiful: high priced for the average horse owner

Love love love your stuff but dang it's SOOOO expensive. Yes others are more expensive than HB but I actually would buy more HB if it were not so pricey. Yall's tack is by far the coolest, but sadly one of the most expensive too.

Just wish it was more affordable.The last price increase was just too much. Your tack is high quality but the prices have gotten outrageous.

Your tack has gone up too much.

Love all tack just way to pricey for canadian dollar. Wish made some less pricey sets.

I love the work. Some things I do find really to pricey.

Love the look but sooo expensive

I dream of owning a HB set one day. Designs are beautiful! I'm sure the time spent on them and quality set the price but I can't see myself spending the amount on a tack set. I'm envious to those who can/do. I love this Brand.

Love your tack just hard to afford.

Love your tack! A bit spendy for me and my lifestyle but would love town a set someday!


Love your Work but they are Too Much for me to spend

I love your tack it's amazingly beautiful! but it's so outrageously expensive, i slightly doubt I'll ever be able to afford this tack.

I love your products just wish they were a little more affordable.

I think it's to expensive for most people, but of course you have to be able to make a living as well.

Love the designs but very expensive.

You produce beautiful pieces of high quality tack, however it is very expensive. I would own more pieces if it wasn't for the price. I also have one breastcollar for special occasions.

Love the tack but wish there were some less expensive options as well. Definitely want a halter at some point!

And the winner with the most frequently submitted suggestion is… “your prices are just so high!”
While it might be easy to respond with “you get what you pay for” or “it’s not for everyone”, and while those things are true, let me go one step further.

We are dedicated to being the very best tack company on the market. Not just in quality of materials, warranty, design or customer service but in ALL of these categories. We don’t cut corners, we don’t settle, and we are constantly evolving and improving.This huge banner hangs in the middle of the production area, it is our mission statement and the heart of what we stand for~

At HB the order of importance goes like this: 1. Quality 2. Design 3. Price. We absolutely won’t compromise on #1 or #2, just to decrease #3. And because of that we know that we aren’t necessarily on budget for everyone.

I wish you could have sales so ppl like me could afford your beautiful tack

Good news! Each Summer we have the “Famous Heritage Sale” where each and every item is 25-50% off retail prices! It’s a chance for us to clear out items with discontinued hides, crystals, conchos, etc… and gives our customers a chance to snag pieces at huge discounts. Plus all pieces come with our amazing Lifetime Warranty.


I own 2 Heritage Brand breastcollar/headstall sets and absolutely love them! However, one set has berry conchos with crystals glued on and I do frequently lose the crystals and have to ship it back to be fixed about once a year. But they have amazing customer service and the quality of their tack is amazing!

Love your tack. However, I wish there was an easier way to replace lost crystals other than having to ship it all back. Also, wish there was a way to build a set online so that I could see what it looked like prior to ordering. The prices are getting to be a bit much too. :(

Dang shipping! We agree with your frustration, and are working on a more convenient solution so stay tuned! Until then, know that we prioritize all repairs in order to get your product back to you as quickly as possible. Typical turn-around time is just a couple days in fact! Return Shipping Form.

Have a set, used it for one season, maybe 15 times and the white leather is cracking.

Over the years we’ve had 3 items that we’ve had to recall due to manufacturers issues. A small shipment of white gator is one of them we didn’t catch in time, and unfortunately it sounds like you have received an item from this batch. Know that your set is 100% warrantied, and if you return it we will immediately re-make the item and cover all shipping costs. I am very sorry for your inconvenience and hope that you will allow us to rectify this situation.

As a barrel racer I would like to see short cheek headstalls for gag bits & draw bit headstalls with the same measurements as the Loomis. I have ordered multiple HB products including 3 custom orders. It's pricy so I do a little at a time, but my favorite tack company for sure.

I wish the headstall's/cheek pieces were smaller for standard size only because if you have a horse with a small head your not really seeing any of the tooling.

Being a barrel racer myself, with a professed bit addiction, and horse buying habit you guys are speaking my language! We offer numerous options, from shortened cheek pieces, custom length poll straps, nylon Loomis style draw cheeks, etc… at no additional charge. There’s also no charge for modifying existing products, if you find your favorite HB headstall needs shortened for a new horse/bit and we can even send you replacement pieces to “grow” a previously shortened headstall. And breast collars? Yep, we do those too! Check out our custom sizing options here.

The quality of your tack seems great but if you're not into a lot of crystals there's not much to choose from.

Make more options without crystals to appeal to men.

Agreed. We are definitely known for specializing in, and generally advertise our more extravagant designs, but since we are custom we can always accommodate orders for a more subdued look. From fully carved pieces with no bling, incorporating handmade hardware, hide with no crystals, etc… Custom Order Page.

i wish the leather was thicker on your breastcollars. They are really beautiful, but the thickness just isn't there for me. If I were to buy anything from heritage brand it would be a headstall. I used to own some of your tack that was stolen and the new stuff just isn't the same as the old. I still love looking at the stuff online.

Having purchased almost $4000 in products from Heritage. I believe that when you first split from your mother the quality of leather was better, the last two head stalls i have purchased, it seems as if the finish actually wears off. Otherwise, you all rock!

Thank you so much for this feedback. Since we manufacture all items from the ground up, we have complete control over leather thickness, finish quality, etc.. and we will work to improve in these areas.

Have tried to custom order twice recently- man in charge of design help was not of any help nor does he have an eye for design- very disappointed in his desire to help achieve the look I wanted- gave up.

That would be Jim, my husband, that you spoke with. He’s been taking nearly all the custom orders around here since 2007. I do understand the frustration of not feeling like you’re being heard, and sometimes it’s just not a good fit for whatever reason. There’s several designers at HB, and we would love the opportunity to try matching you with someone that might better share your design aesthetic.

If the site has and internatinal pay oftion it would be affortable to purchase a tack set out of the US then having to waite to go to Texas on vacations.

Our website uses PayPal, and does allow foreign currencies to be used via credit card. If you ever have a problem please contact us and we can accept payment via phone or email, whichever is easiest for you. Hope that helps!

When you sponsor someone it shouldn't matter whether they are a 3D or 1D rider

Thank you for this suggestion. Please read my blog post “10 Ways to Not Get a Heritage Brand Sponsorship” for an inside look at the how and why we choose our endorsees.

Thank you to everyone that contributed these suggestions and comments. I’ve got a sticky note in my office that says:
“You will find the things you least want to hear will help you grow the most”.
So even if it’s uncomfortable and sometimes stings to hear, thank you for your honesty and we promise to be better because of it!

If you haven’t taken our Survey we’d love to hear what you have to say! Take the Survey Now.

Until next time ~

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How to build a $100 tack set
June 9, 2016

I kind of wanted to title this one “Don’t Be A Sucker”, but then I thought that might be a little aggressive. But, if you are interested I’ll explain how you too can make a $100 tack set. We’ve all seen them being sold. But how do they do it?

But first a little back story…

About 18 months ago my father in law, Jim SR, (who does all our carving at HB) brought an issue of Western Horseman to me and showed me a full page ad that showcased a $470 Heritage Brand Matisse breast collar that I had designed, he had carved, and we had put into production at HB in 2011 and they were selling it for $69. Yes, $69.
Here is the original:

This ad was not done by us. It was paid for and done by a TX based competitor (who shall remain nameless tho I promise you know who they are), and was their major marketing campaign unveiling “their” new line going into the Christmas season. In the photo there was virtually no way to discern the difference between the two products.

But this isn’t the bad part.

After speaking with the owner of this company, that portrays themselves as “American” made, he disclosed to me that he had purchased an entire shipping container of this particular design from a manufacturer in India. Yes, India. They had approached him with photos, he had placed an order and “What was he supposed to do with them if he couldn’t sell them!?!”

Now we need to rewind for a moment.

Throughout the year we receive emails from manufacturers from India to China, soliciting us to buy their cheap products. Many of which are our original designs like this one:

With emails like this actual one we recently received with this headstall photo:

“Thanks to reply please find hare some new samples of head stalls and spur straps.If you want to see samples for checking Leather and manufacturing quality I can send you samples for you kind consideration.Please tell me the article No.our Company Located in Kanpur India.”

While we would never dream of purchasing from these companies, for more reasons than I have time to list, clearly some people do. And what I'm going to do today, is explain how they can and do make tack sets for $100.

First, you need to understand that retailer’s (a.k.a. stores) cost on tack is generally right about 50% of the retail price. So if a tack set is priced at $100, the store paid somewhere around $50 for it.

Which means the manufacturer, in this case a company in India, has a total cost of $50 in an entire tack set. How do they do it? I’m so glad you asked!

Crystals: Don’t use them. Know what happens when you swap genuine Swarovski crystals for acrylic crystals (which is just a churched up way of saying plastic)? Your cost decreases by about 90%. And while they might look passable in a picture, there’s no mistaking the difference in person. They’re dull, cloudy, lacking the sharp facets that cause Swarovski’s to have their luster, will scratch and the color will quickly fade.

Carving: Nah. That’s way too much time and effort. Say hello to my little friend the leather embosser. Simply squeeze plain leather through the patterned rollers, and Voila!, you have what looks like exquisitely hand-tooled leather. From a distance. To the untrained eye. If it’s not open.

Leather: (Hold up! How does a country that worships cattle, and has laws banning cattle slaughter also manufacture leather products? I need someone to explain this one to me!)

Use Bonded leather instead of Full Grain. Bonded leather is leather shavings or dust that is literally glued together and resurfaced. It is weak and degrades rapidly with use. Think particle board. You know, the stuff that swells and separates when it gets wet. Or if you’re really lucky, it’s made from “Genuine” leather, which, although it sounds very high quality, is merely one small step above bonded. It’s the layer that’s left after all the good layers (Full and Top grain) have been split off. It is commonly resurfaced with spray paint to resemble a higher grade. Oh so tricky!

Sidenote: Mixing of dog poop, flour and water, pressed flat and dried in the sun will also achieve a bonded leather equivalent. You’re welcome~

Hardware: Anything but stainless steel. Typically cheap alloys like Zinc, which are brittle and will break when put under too much pressure. Or my favorite, and the one I discovered was used on the $69 knock off of our breast collar, wait for it… PLASTIC! Yes, gray molded plastic, which looks surprisingly close to metal in a Photoshopped picture. But which I can contest looks and feels like what it actually is in person. Neither material is a problem until you’re running 35 MPH at the second barrel and your headstall buckle breaks in two.

Note: Stainless Steel is strong as all get out, doesn’t chip, bend, crack or rust (thank you Chromium Oxide), and is also expensive. So that’s out when you’re talking $50 tack sets.

Warranty: They are 100% covered… that is until you walk out of the store.

Versus our Lifetime Warranty.

Customization: Need a darker leather color? Cheeks shortened? Maybe your horse’s name carved on a halter? Lose your throat latch and need a replacement? Sorry dude. Not gonna happen.

Labor: These Third World countries use predatory labor practices, paying approx. $1 hour, no benefits, using unsafe chemicals and loose safety standards. I’m guessing less than $10 total cost per tack set.

Here’s the HB Crew: none of which make $1 hour, and all of which pay taxes. We worked one summer without A/C, and the fridge is currently out of Diet Coke, but that’s about as predatory as we get around here.

Not to mention market research, product development, etc… When all you have to do is copy what other companies have successfully ironed out, your costs magically decrease significantly. As does your dignity.

And if that wasn’t enough, keep in mind that these huge shipping containers come to the US stuffed to the gills with foreign imports, and leave our shores empty headed back to refill. If they went back to the other side of the planet full of American made goods, we’d all be singing a different tune.

I get it. You can’t buy a Mercedes on a Geo budget. I understand that not everyone has an extra $700 to spend on fancy HB tack. My first bridle was made out of nylon because that’s what we could afford. But please do your patriotic self a favor, and buy American Made tack in whatever budget works for you. And if the tag doesn’t say Made in the USA, I promise it’s not.

Here’s the HB wholesale line, for you stores out there hungry for something you can stand behind.

And if your tack room is full of Showman, Bar H, Krazy Girl or one of the many brands all being manufactured from the same shared facility in India, just keep that bonded leather out of the rain! And the next time you go tack shopping… don’t be a sucker ;-)

Now want to see how an $890 tack set is made?

Our Heart. Our Passion. Our Story.

Until next time ~

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Horse Buying 101
April 15, 2016

Buying horses. To me it’s one of life’s most exciting, nerve wracking, endorphine-filled experiences. There’s nothing quite like unloading that new prospect at your house, and watching them scat around the pasture for the first time. Infatuated with thoughts of the future, convinced this is the best investment you’ve ever made. Tho I am in no way in the market for another horse, I still check out BHW and various “Barrel Horse’s For Sale” FB pages on a weekly, if not daily basis. You just never know when one’s going to jump out at you, and there are still a couple empty pastures at my house and I’m one of the lucky girls whose husband actually encourages my habit so…

But sometimes the prospect isn’t a good fit. And after some time you realize someone else might enjoy them more than you. Or, let’s face it. Sometimes you kinda wish that salty, hay sucking son of a gun had never come into your life.

So now what?

Well, if you’re like me, than it’s time to do the one thing that ranks second only to child birth. Selling a horse.

My family purchased my first pony for $325. And they over paid. She was the orneriest, most despicable excuse for a kid's pony God every made. The story ended well, and in hindsight she probably taught me more than any “good” pony could have, but it was a rough start for sure. I’d give good money to see the “For Sale” ad the sellers put in the paper that compelled my family to call about her. I think it probably said something like:

“Spirited, welsh cross mare, looking for an ambitious kid eager to put the finishing touches on this flashy pony. Great foundation with potential in many areas, could see her excelling in the show ring, gymkhana or trails. Good home a must.”

When it should have said:

“Carnivorous half arab in search of her next victim. Capable of walking on hind legs, slipping halters, kicking farriers, extremely barn sour and resembles a zombie when she’s in heat. Barely green broke, and will shake, rub or roll on the ground to unseat her rider. $325 obo. Just kidding, we’ll pay you to take this little demon who we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.”

And after 30 years in the industry I’ve got a few tips for you buyers and sellers out there. I’ve learned the hard way how to decipher the “codes” used by sellers trying to church it up, how to guess the type of seller you’re dealing with. And at the sake of offending a few of you, here’s my list of the most humorous blunders beginning with the spelling mistakes and graduating to the more creatively calculated.

“Sorrel philly” = Your “filly” is not a cheese steak.

“For Sell” vs “For Sale” = Insert eye roll and proceed.

“Finished heal horse” = Heal means "to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.”. I’m pretty sure your horse can’t do that. The word you’re looking for here is HEEL, two E’s.

“15.4 hand gelding” = 16 hand gelding. 1 hand = 4 inches.

“Out of _________ stallion”. Gah! NO! That horse did not “come out of” that stud. It’s “by” a stallion and “out of” a mare, because… you know… it literally comes out of the mare.

And here’s where it gets fun you guys…

“Can be cold backed” or “Cinchy” = It’s a buck-ity buck buck bucker folks.

“Needs an experienced rider” = This horse is nuts. Like, really crazy.

“I just don’t do him justice” = Nobody will do him justice. He’s a dink.

“She’s been on the back burner” = Because she’s my least favorite and I can’t stomach riding her.

“All business in the alley” = You’ll need a Magic Seat just to get to the first barrel.

“Push style”…“Needs an aggressive rider”…“Setty” = Be sure to stock up on the shin guards for this one. If you’ve never knocked a barrel out of the arena this one will teach you how it’s done.

“Extremely free runner”… “Not for the faint of heart” = I hope you have a brain chain, helmet and plenty of Prozak in your arsenal. Ever drove a semi truck without breaks?

“15 year old gelding, requires no maintenance” = Either he didn’t get broke until he was 14, he’s the most stoic horse on the planet, or the owners aren’t paying much attention to him.

“Currently walking the pattern” = What’s the stage before green broke? That’s right, un broke! And that’s what we have here.

“4 year old, sane and sound, would make a nice broodmare” = She looks good on paper but has zero athletic ability.

And there you have it! My over-generalized, how-to-read-between-the-lines list of Horse Shopping 101. I’m sure I missed a few, so chime in the comments below and let me know your favorites!

Until next time ~

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Why We Don’t Suck
February 8, 2015

I was not a rich kid. My parents gave us a yearly “allowance” to spend on school clothes, and once it was gone it was gone. Being a child of the 80’s, this was typically spent on a pair of white Keds, an Esprit bag, a bunch of stuff from Ross Dress for Less, and a bazillion pairs of colored socks. (Because this was back in the day where we layered them by colors. Remember??) We also loved our skin-tight, lay on the bed to zip up, acid washed jeans.

This one year in particular, I convinced them to let me spend almost all my allotment on a pair of light acid-washed Guess brand jeans. I had to pitch in for half with my hard earned $2.00/hour babysitting money, so it was a genuine sacrifice for sure. But they were AWESOME!!! Complete with zipper up the back of the calf. OMG! I’d been dreaming of making these mine for quite some time and they did not disappoint. I wore them at least 3 days a week, proudly showing off the trademark triangle emblem, and relishing every second I spent in my cherished jeans. Until one fateful day when I decided against changing into my riding jeans after school, and tore a giant hole in the bum trying to get on my horse in my skin-tight, over-bleached, designer jeans. And just like that, they were garbage. True story.

So now 20 years later I get to call the shots on not only what we produce around here, but also on how we stand behind our products. And let me just say, the Heritage Brand warranty is killer.

Our full warranty is here, but to give you a condensed version, this is how we roll:

Every item that we manufacture comes with a LIFETIME warranty against defect. We make high-end, quality stuff here guys and we’re not afraid to stick our necks out there and stand behind it. It’s pretty AND it’s built to last. Brilliant! Our warranty doesn’t expire after a year, or is void if you’re not the original owner. If for some reason something goes awry, we will repair or replace the item and cover all shipping expenses. Indefinitely.

As I was doing a little research for this blog, I scoured the internet to find out what everyone else is doing in the way of warrantying their products. Oy vey people. What I found was not good.

The vast majority of tack manufacturers out there don’t even acknowledge a warranty, and the couple I did find were extremely vague saying they “stand behind” their products (with no details on what exactly this means), one company warranties only the painting, and another that instructs customers to “keep up with your stuff”. Those exact words. Translation please?

So I moved on to saddle manufacturers. And it didn’t get much better.

One of the leading barrel saddle companies (I’ll let you guess!), and definitely one of the most expensive, provides a mere 90-day warranty. Holy freaking I-just-spent-$4,500-and-if-it-falls-apart-in-4-months-I’m-SOL?!? #doilookstupid

Sidenote: I did buy one of these saddles and never even checked on the warranty beforehand. So I guess I am stupid. And yes it was falling apart after 90 days.

The BEST warranty I could find provided a 10 year warranty on the saddle tree (pretty decent) but only a 1 year warranty on all other parts and the silver.

To review up to this point: Heritage Brand = 1, Everyone Else = 0

With every item we sell, we include a Care Sheet that gives you tips and hints for keeping your product working and looking like new. It’s pretty much just common sense stuff, but worth a glance nonetheless.

But sometimes life happens despite your best efforts. I’m recalling the time I hit an elk in the middle of a highway with my brand new, week-old truck. Not covered under warranty.

So, if you ever have any “accidental damage” we’ve got your back there too. Say “Rover” decides your new headstall tastes scrumptious and chews your cheek piece in half like this adorable and obviously guilt ridden pooch here:

Or maybe your set that once sparkled like a million diamonds, has been the victim of a few hit barrels…a couple good fence rubs after sweaty workouts…and that one week you forgot it out behind the barn in the rain. And now your beautiful Swarovski crystals look like this:

No worries! All accidental damage or wear and tear repairs are covered for just the COST. MY cost, no sneaky little up-charges thrown in. Nope, we will fix you up and the cost will always be minimal. Plus, we prioritize all repairs so you won’t have to wait long to get your product back and into commission. If accidental damages are minimal there generally isn’t even a charge. Because we’re just awesome like that!

Just send that sucker back to us and we will give it an overhaul that would make the late Joan Rivers proud. Here’s the link to do that here.

Furthermore, we automatically provide the following services FREE of charge:

Alterations: Need your tugs, cheek pieces, poll strap or any other strap shortened? We’ll do it and you’ll never pay for it.

Cleaning: Anything you send us will automatically be washed, conditioned and thoroughly gone over. It’s like a complimentary mini-detail.

So even years after your purchase from HB, we will still be there for you. Wether it’s a warranty issue, alteration, or just an everyday wear and tear situation. We will not leave you with your bum hanging out!

Until next time ~

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Over $100, are You Serious?!?
November 16, 2014

So this just happened…

And we could have gone on there and tried to substantiate our price and argue with her about this, but instead some of our fabulous customers went to bat for us. That, in my opinion, is the kind of advertising you can’t put a value on.

And because of this, I’d like to give you a revealing peek into a deceptive business strategy that you may have never noticed.

Facebook is a huge marketing avenue for most businesses these days. Nearly every legitimate business uses Facebook in some way or another. And the beautiful thing about FB (for consumers) is that unlike a website where the company has complete control over what their audience is exposed to (testimonials, etc…), when a Facebook Page is created the admin. has the option of allowing for Ratings and Reviews to be added to their page. All Pages have this option, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Accepting this feature allows for people to Rate your business on a scale of 1-5 Stars, as well as give voluntary Reviews with their experience and/or opinion of your company. Kind of like Yelp.

As a Page, these Ratings and Reviews cannot be edited, deleted or hidden. This allows for credible (and not-so-credible) people to voice their opinion of your company in a platform directly attached to your FB Page. By allowing this option you obviously open your company up to the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s an extremely revealing look at how others view your business and/or the experiences they’ve had, including (I’m sure) the occasional malicious competitor, or in our case those that are offended by the price tag. Literally the only 1 star reviews we’ve ever received are from people that are upset about the price we sell our items for. And that’s o.k. I’m shocked at the price of a Bugatti. But I still want one.

As a business owner, I think it’s an invaluable tool that helps us keep our finger on the pulse of how we are operating. We read the reviews, each and every one of them. (Check out our 367 public Facebook Ratings and Reviews here:

But the question of the day is this: Why would a business NOT allow for this option on their Page?

Well, there’s only two viable answers to this in my opinion.
1. FEAR. They aren’t confident they will receive positive feedback.
2. BAD REVIEWS. They disabled this option because they received negative feedback and they don’t want you to see it.

Both of which should be giant red flags to you as a consumer and cause pause before dealing with these companies. I’m being too kind. If a company won’t allow for public reviews of their product, customer service, etc… they aren’t a company that anyone should be doing business with. They are protecting themselves and their bad business practices by not being transparent.

So, please, do a little research before you buy. Anyone can toot their own horn, Photoshop the crud out of their pictures, get all their friends to collaborate on a few good Reviews. But the truly legitimate companies… the ones that have worked hard to build a solid reputation immune to public criticism… they aren’t hiding.

Until next time ~

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