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Donations and Sponsorships


We believe in coming together to help those that are in need. It’s at the heart of what motivates us here at Heritage Brand. A percentage of every sale is dedicated to product donation at events benefiting those in unfortunate circumstances. We allocate tens of thousands of dollars a year in product to support these events, and are blessed to be able to continue to be a part of this.

We are passionate about using these funds exclusively for charitable causes, and will continue our unwavering support. If your event is not a true not for profit we will be unable to make a donation.

To be eligible for a donation consideration please ensure that your event is a true not for profit meeting the following criteria:

~ 100% of proceeds benefit the person or family in need.
~ Volunteers are not compensated for their involvement in the event.
~ You can provide us with information about the event (flyers, date, sanctioning, etc…)

Please email donations@heritagebrand.com or call us at 855-389-9889 with inquiries or requests.


Please take a moment and read Jess' Blog titled 10 ways to Not Get a Heritage Brand Sponsorship, for a funny yet informative look at what we are searching for in our next Endorsee.

If you are not currently competing on a professional level or have a large positive influence in the equine world, your application will most likely be denied. We receive several hundred applications during our open enrollment week, so please make sure that your application stands out, is above and beyond and most importantly that you include answers to all of the questions. We do not sponsor people under the age of 18 due to legal issues. Thank you and we look forward to your submission.

Sponsorships are currently closed, our next open enrollment period will be March of 2018. Check back here to find the application next year in March.