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Sizing Information

Headstall Sizing

Our headstalls come standard sized and are adjustable from 40” to 45”

We offer custom sized headstalls at no additional charge.

Please note that you are responsible for custom length requests. HB reserves the right to refuse any return of an item(s) because of a customers error in measurement. Due to the nature of leather as it is being manipulated, sewn and worked it may stretch during the manufacturing process, the measurements shown in the chart are for reference only and may not depict the actual measurements of the headstall that you receive. 
See Sizing Diagram for sizing instructions.

Additional length poll straps are an inexpensive option for varying headstall lengths. Please use the chart below to determine what configurations your headstall will have.

Breast Collar Sizing

There are two acceptable ways to measure for a custom sized breast collar.

Option #1 Take an existing breast collar that you are currently using on your horse and stretch it out like this. Once stretched out you will be able to measure from the outside of one "D" Ring to the outside of the other "D" Ring. This is the measurement that we will need to custom build your Pony or Large horse breast collar. Our standard size is 36" (inches) plus/minus. This type of measurement is referred to as the "D Ring measurement".

Option #2 Use a piece of string and hold one end up to the front Cinch saddle "D" Ring, then run the string across the front of the horses chest where the breast collar would lay comfortably to the other side of the saddle front Cinch "D" Ring. Cut the string just where it touches the saddle "D" then lay the string down on a flat surface and measure it from end to end. This type of measurement is referred to as the "Overall Tug end measurement".

Belt Sizing

The best and most accurate way to measure for a new belt is to lay out a belt that you currently use and measure from the hole that you currently use to the other end of the belt where it folds over at the Buckle. You can also use a piece of string or a cloth tape and measure your waist but do not go off of your pants size as companies use what is called "vanity sizing" and it is exactly what it sounds like. Your belt will be as much as 4" too small if you measure based off of your current pant sizes. 

Spur Strap Sizing

This is how we measure our Spur Straps for a proper fit.

We measure our spur straps from the hole that the spur fits in on one side to the other hole on the oposite side, just like we have shown below in the picture. We have taken this measurement and come up with our own shoe size chart to make the ordering process simple for our customers. Not all shoe companies shoe sizes are the same, these are averages.

Small (Youth) Spur Straps: 
Childs boot size 3 to 7 
Womans boot size 5 to 9

Large (Adult) Spur Straps: 
Womans 8 to 10 
Mens 9 to 12

Dog Collar Sizing

To determine the correct collar size for your dog, use an existing dog collar and measure from the hole that your dog currently uses to the buckle end as shown. You may also use a piece of string, or a cloth tape, and measure the circumference of your dog's neck.