Heritage Brand Building Rendering

It wasn't a garage, it was smaller than that. 

Heritage Brand started in a 120 sq/ft spare room 20 years ago building horse tack and other small leather items. Eventually the garage was needed, soon after we hired our first employee, then another... moved to a tiny warehouse, and we just kept growing. Slow and steady. A couple years later another larger space was needed, and this new building came with windows and our first building with AC. Fancy! In 2018 we were blessed to purchase ground and custom build our first real home for HB in Tumalo, Oregon. It was huge, and beautiful and we thought we would be here for many years.

But then it happened. One month after moving into our new building we launched the first Marilyn handbag. Little did we know the impact she would have on our story.

Within a year it became apparent we needed more space and the hunt began. We were adamant about staying in our small town where there was not a single piece of land for sale that would work for our vision. So we were patient. The kind of patient that includes going door to door, internet stalking to find contacts for prospective properties, checking the MLS daily. That kind. Finally it happened, and on December 8th, 2021 we officially broke ground on what will be our fabulous new home. Our dream home.

This high end commercial building is located just one block from our current location. Our new facility borders three streets Cook AVE, 7th Street and Wharton AVE and consists of almost an acre of commercial real estate in the very desirable and sought after town of Tumalo just three miles from Bend.

The brand new facility will be the new home of Heritage Brand with a 1,500 square foot retail location, corporate offices and manufacturing as well as a 5,000 square foot common courtyard and over 20 parking spaces. 

April 27, 2022 Update

It's happening! Framing is complete, and we are just getting ready to begin sheetrock and siding. We were blessed with a mild winter here in Central Oregon with no significant weather delays to set back construction. If things continue on schedule we will be moving in as early as July.

July 15, 2022 Update

Landscaping! We are down to the last 5% of the project, and will be starting the big move-in next week. It's even bigger and better than we dreamed it would be!