At Heritage Brand, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products on the market, made right here in the USA. The materials that are used in the manufacturing of our products are the finest available. From Herman Oak leather to imported Italian hides, genuine leather embossed hides, Swarovski crystals and stainless steel hardware. Our products are built to last so you should get many years of use out of them. We stand behind our workmanship and the quality of the materials used. Should you ever have an issue due to workmanship or material defect, we will repair or replace your product at no labor or material cost to you, shipping charges may apply.

Proper storage and cleaning will keep your product working and looking like new for years to come. Please take a moment to read our product care sections below. Read Jess' Blog on Warranty for more in depth coverage questions.

When not in use, keep leather products in a dry location and away from direct sunlight and moist or humid conditions. Prolonged exposure to moisture will compromise the integrity of the stitching, leather, leather color and adhesives used in manufacturing. Direct sunlight exposure can dry out the leather which will eventually cause it to weaken and crack. We use the finest quality dyed genuine leathers in our processes but due to the nature of genuine leathers and sunlight, the leather may fade in time. To prevent premature fading limit the direct sunlight exposure as much as possible.

Apply leather conditioner frequently or as needed on exposed leather to help it retain moisture and pliability. We recommend using any conditioner that contains Neatsfoot oil but stay away from solvent based oils or chemicals. Remove excess debris from the leather with a soft dry cloth before applying oil. Sample a small area on the back of the product and allow it to dry completely to make sure the color is correct before you apply it to the entire product.

To remove dirt from crystals, use a mild glass cleaner and a soft bristled brush. Dirt can be removed from hair on hide or other embossed leathers using a damp cloth. Exposure to corrosive substances (ie. Horse sweat) can break down the adhesives used in manufacturing, so it is imperative to clean your tack on a regular basis.

Using a tarnish remover designed for all metals follow the instructions carefully on the bottle to clean any metal that has tarnished. We use Tarn-X brand for all metals. Begin by throuroughly cleaning the leather and spots first and let dry completely. Next apply a small amount of Tarn-X using a soft tooth brush working it in a circular motion gently and quickly. Do not over work the area, you can always apply a second coat if you do not see the results you are looking for after the first attempt. Rinse off completely in cold water and use a soft cloth to dry. Be careful not to get any excessive product on the leather. Repeat the process until you have reached the desired result.

If needed, spot wash using a soft cloth and mild soap. Damp fringe is prone to stretching, so use care when cleaning. Allow fringe to naturally air dry, and if necessary lay fringe flat between a towel and iron the back side on low setting, being careful not to over heat or stretch.

Swarovski crystals are the only brand used by Heritage Brand. Swarovski crystals are incredibly strong and durable with unsurpassed brilliance. Swarovski crystals may, however, break due to impact or excessive abrasion. Furthermore, proper cleaning and storage is necessary to ensure the crystal's platinum backing is not compromised.

It is the customer’s responsibility to use appropriate measures to maintain and protect your purchase. Heritage Brand will not warranty costs for product issues due to abuse or neglect.

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