HB Team


Founder, CMO, CDO

Jessica Crouch

Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, in 1998 Jessica was married to her husband Jim. Jessica graduated from Concordia University in 2000 with a teaching degree. The following year her and her husband headed East to the small, beautiful resort community of Bend, Oregon Visit Bend. She taught elementary education at Cecil Sly and Crooked River elementary from 2001 to 2004.

In 2002 she began to work in the leather industry building horse tack, inspired by her own desire for a look that had yet to be created and quality that would remain unmatched. Jessica's designs quickly set the bar sky high in the western world. But she didn’t stop with horse tack. With her eye for fashion and ability to overlook the status quo, Jessica created the Marilyn Bag. The Marilyn Bag has created a rift in the fashion industry and a frenzy with the already loyal Heritage Brand following. She’s done it again, often imitated but never duplicated. It’s no surprise that she is the founder, but also the backbone of the Heritage Brand design team.


Owner and CEO

Jim Crouch

Jim was born and raised in the Vancouver, Washington area. He graduated from Prairie High School in Brush Prairie, Washington in 1996 and began a career in the building industry right out of high school. He spent most of his early years working for his father as a supervisor.

In 1997 he started his own construction company, eventually merging with his fathers company, they continued to operate the business until 2006 when they sold their company. He met Jessica in High School and they became fast friends and in 1998 they were married. Jim and Jessica moved to the Bend, Oregon area in 2001 where he continued his construction career. 

Jessica's leather business was thriving and she needed some help in the marketing, tech and sales areas and asked Jim to join her in the business. 

Today at HB you’ll find Jim all over the shop. We can’t keep him in his office. He is integral in maintaining the HB vision of being innovative and leading edge without compromising quality. He motivates the team, streamlines operations, and is key in the development and execution of our team goals. Jim is always making sure that everything here happens with those goals and HB’s vision in mind.


Leather Carver/Artist

Ben Colin

Ben is a father of three boys with wife Marcy. He’s the strong silent type who is full of surprises. Ben denies running a zoo at his house but he estimates that he has around 20 animals - cows, cats, chickens, dogs, a chupacabra and a macaw. This guy has more creativity in his little finger than most people could dream of. He's the kind of person who masters everything he puts his mind to. From handcrafting high-end windows and doors, to being a tattoo artist, Ben's former professions instantly came into play at the HB shop. From 2014 to 2016, Ben was the heavy-lifter of our strap goods department, simultaneously apprenticing under Jim SR to learn the art of leather tooling. He took to it instantly and his designs are among the top requested pieces ever since. He's a true artisan.


Administrative Executive, Logistics, Ecommerce and Visual Coordinator
Aleesha Dickey
She’s back!!

Aleesha has probably worn more hats at HB than anyone in history. Originally hired for production in 2014, assisting with the design and manufacturing of anything related to “sparkles”. She was quickly incorporated into the marketing side of the business as well, which eventually rolled into Sales. Aleesha very well may have taken your custom order at NFR (who remembers her purple hair?) or assisted you via telephone or email if you ever called the HB shop between 2014-2016. 
She spent a few years away from HB as an Xray tech for an oral surgeon, until April of 2020 when she rejoined the HB team. We had missed her terribly, and were overjoyed at her return.
Aleesha has seen the business transform over the years, and was with us “in the trenches”, years before the Marilyn bag was every imagined. Today she will be the one to greet you and give you a shop tour if you stop by. She is personality plus, and has never met a stranger. Her laugh is contagious, and she will likely steal your fur baby if you aren’t careful.

Aleesha is sharp as a tack, which comes in handy as she is also the right hand to Jim and Jess, assisting in everything from photography, website projects, shipping, weekly happy hour and a thousand things in between. Her intuition for what needs done to keep the shop running smoothly is invaluable. 

When she’s not at work, you can find her spoiling her adorable toy Aussie Lando, rock climbing, spending time with her family or performing with her amateur rap group under her stage name Little Dickey. 


Design and Operations

Makayla Sales

Originally from the Midwest, Mak couldn’t be contained in the landlocked state of Iowa. She made her way to HB via California and Hawaii. Fun fact: her middle name is Kai which is Hawaiian for ocean, and is probably the best way to describe her to begin with.  As our resident hippie Mak spends her free time rocking out to Pearl Jam and expanding her artistic repertoire. She puts her own spin on wood burning, macrame, greetings cards, batik, jewelry making, and thrift store finds. She is the funky fresh addition to the HB team, using her talents to tool designs as unique as she is.


Design Station and Design Team 

Meet Kelsey Lehrke! She is one of the first faces you will see when walking into our shop. We know you will admire her smile, sparkling blue eyes and contagious laughter as much as we do!

Kelsey is the outdoorsy type with a love for horses and sports. While growing up she played softball and basketball, fueling her competitive side. Now she spends her time with her sidekick Jade enjoying Central Oregon by riding, working cows, hunting, kayaking, and fishing.  Her passion for making handbags coupled with her ability to think outside the box helped her master setting crystals and painting. Kelsey’s creativity and design skills make her an essential team member here at HB. 


Design Station and Design Team

Emily Ducan
Emily's a horse-crazy, Central Oregon native that's been with HB since 2019. She's a bundle of contagious energy that is as comfortable changing the oil in her Dodge pickup as she is walking in a pair of heels. Seldom seen without her trusty pup Bently, who has also become a welcome fixture in the HB shop and is a constant source of entertainment. 

She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, has a tenacity we admire, and never backs down from a challenge. We're lucky to have her, and proud to call her part of the production team.  



Amanda Grippin
Amanda is a special addition to our amazing Heritage Brand family, and she fits right along like she has been here the whole time. She has a big , warm smile, and beams with pride when she talks about her job. This brunette rockstar grew up in Salem, and moved to Central Oregon with her family at the age of 7. She has a strong background in the ranching, and farming industries, and started competing in endurance racing at the tender age of 8. 
This gal has many hobbies , including horse training/riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, and photography. Her beautiful border collie /shepherd/ chow mix , Gracie, doesn't usually come with her to the shop because she prefers to have her big open spaces to roam around at home.  Amanda was initially trained by Jim, then Rylan took over the rest of her training, showing her his awesome production skills. The pair continues to work closely , and Amanda credits him for always having her back. She is a fantastic addition to our incredible crew, is an instrumental part of our team, and we are so happy to have her! 


Leather Carver

Railey Crouch

Railey has joined the HB team! This third generation leather artist who grew up running around the Heritage Brand shop is all about her family, and her hairless guinea pig. Her passion for all things art has brought a refreshing and fun vibe to the HB shop. A true maker, when she's not at work, she's busy creating something to make her days more fun and fashionable. Anything from jewelry to bath bombs - baths are her other passion - she puts her own unique spin on it. 



Born and raised in Vermont, Talie moved across the country to Bend in 2019.  Before joining the HB family, she was a vet tech for seven years.  Heritage Brand was the perfect opportunity for Talie to get in touch with her creative side, which she came to enjoy by learning woodworking with her fiance.  While at first meeting she may seem quiet, Tallie secretly has a variety of hard core hobbies including mountain biking and snowboarding. She is also a self proclaimed crazy cat lady with her two cats, Butters and Kitty.


Customer Relations and Sales

Jessi has found herself in many places nearby being a native Oregonian. Jessi has attended OSU and been crowned Miss Rodeo Oregon 2018. After marrying her husband Roy, who works in excavation and as a bullfighter, Jessi traded in the valley rain for the high desert when she moved to Redmond.  

When she is not at work, Jessi can be found riding her horse Dually, playing with her pup Walker, or working a local rodeo.





Katherine is the newest member to the HB family.  A natural creative soul, she has studied cosmetology and enjoys painting watercolor.  Katherine isn't just artsy though, she is also studying in a naturalist program and learning primitive skills.  In case of apocalypse, just come to HB, Katherine has us covered! You can also find her hanging out with her dogs and family, or driving her beautiful 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 to car shows.