Attention Lady Gagas

I love creative people.

I love the courage it takes to be an unconventional visionary in a sea full of people just trying to fit in.

I respect people willing to take a risk to express themselves.

Who doesn't have even the slightest fascination with Lady Gaga? She's a total freak. And yet you can't stop watching. She's dripping with self confidence and enthusiasm, performing in hideously bold outfits full of shock value, and she owns every second of it. And while she might be totally over the top, I confess I am morbidly fascinated and cannot get enough of her.

Are you a Lady Gaga? I know some of you are, because I've taken your orders. There are those of you that go for the big kill when it comes to designing horse tack, and I think you are fantastic! You aren't afraid to be reckless in what you design, thinking outside the box of what others have done and creating items that are uniquely yours.

But here's the catch. If your one-of-a-kind "meat dress" for your horse doesn't turn out exactly like you had envisioned, it's still your one-of-a-kind "meat dress" so I hope you can own it. Because you will. As in... it can't be returned.

Don't worry though, we will always notify you during the design process if your creation is crossing over into eccentric diva territory. We don't want you to be designing the next Ford Pinto anymore than you do. And while the vast majority of your creations are out of this world amazing, there are those that will go down in the history books as epic failures, but we salute you for your efforts. I mean, you can't win them all, but at least you were brave enough to try which is more than most people can say.

And now for the big announcement....the two lucky recipients of $100 in Heritage Cash are: Heather Thompson and Michelle Begnaud!! Congratulations ladies and happy shopping!!

Until next time ~ Jess

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