I haven’t Ordered Dessert in Two Years

(Voices of Olympic athletes)

“Take a day off? I don’t even take a morning off.”

“I haven’t ordered dessert in two years.”

“You know that best selling book everyone loves? I haven’t read it.”

“I haven’t watched TV since last summer. Hey, I’ve been busy.”

~2012 Citibank Olympic commercial



There's something about watching athletes from around the globe compete for international glory and fame that is no less than gripping for me. It's watching the year's of hard-work, determination and devotion culminate into those final races, games, dives, etc... that is incredibly inspirational.

You know they've sacrificed so much to be there. For some, it will be the greatest moments of their lives.

There's Michael Phelps who will leave London the most decorated Olympian ever. And Usain Bolt, who breaks his own Olympic record to win yet another gold medal and the hearts of millions. Then there's Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings who captured their third consecutive women's volleyball Gold medal last night. That was a proud moment in Olympic and US history for sure. And who could forget Germany's Stephan Feck?

Wait... who?

Imagine being him for a minute. You've been training your whole life to compete in this one event at the Olympic games. You've sacrificed any semblance of a normal life to dedicate everything to perfecting each detail of your craft. This dive is, in a way, the culmination of your life's work. The eyes of your family, country, and the world are on you.

And you do a GIANT BACK FLOP. Get a score of Zero. And ultimately drop out of the competition.

Ughh... Can you not feel for this guy? In an instant he will forever be known as the Back Flop Guy. The video has gone viral, and the rest is history.

And his name. Oh my. Could it have been anything else besides Stephan FECK? That's just way too convenient.

Apparently his hand slipped from his thigh, which caused this, that caused that... But all anyone knows is that it will go down in history as the worst ever olympic dive.

On a much MUCH smaller scale I've been there. I'm sure you have too. I remember a phone conversation I had with a friend about a run I had just made on my horse. "How did it go?" she asked. "Well, it was awesome until I got to the first barrel" I said. Sometimes there are just days like that, but thank God I have never had a moment quite as bad as Mr. Feck.

Talk about a character builder. I'm sure he will laugh about it someday, as the rest of us are laughing now. And I'm sure he will dive again as well, because it can literally only go up from here!

Do you have a favorite Olympic athlete? I became an instant fan of the "Man With No Legs", Oscar Pistorius, when I watched him compete in the Men's 400 meter preliminary race and win 2nd last Saturday. And the more I read about him the more I admire and respect everything he represents. His story is the kind of thing that sticks with you and inspires greatness.

And while I was daydreaming of Olympic greatness on my couch last night, that Citibank commercial came on again and I heard "I haven't ordered dessert in two years". And right then I knew.

I'm out.

And took another bite of my chocolate-peanut butter ice cream.

Until next time ~ Jess

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