Designer Shoes, Designer Bags, Designer... Tack?!?

If you go look in your closet right now, do you have a pair of "Designer" shoes, maybe a pair of $600 Old Gringo boots, or a pair of "exotic" boots that cost as much as your first car? Maybe your weakness is handbags, I know mine is, I've got more than I can handle and I adore every one. From my classy Coach bag to funky fringed creations I can't live without. And don't even get me started on designer jeans...! Someone recently referred to our tack as "designer" and, although it took me a little by surprise, I guess they are right and I love it!! Our customers tell us they are addicted to buying the "latest and greatest" creations, and I will admit it is pretty fantastic to know that your product is sought after by so many.

So what makes people buy designer brand horse tack? I've done a little reasearch and this is what I've come up with. First and foremost, there's a guarantee of Product Quality and Consistency. Customers know that when they buy from Heritage Brand, we will stand behind everything we make, and have gained a reputation for building a high quality product that has proven it's durability and functionality. Next is Self Identity or Self Expression. Doesn't it feel great sporting a new tack set (or handbag, shoes, etc...) and the looks and comments you get from friends and even complete strangers? "Ohhh.. that's so pretty! Where did you get that?!?" Ya, that's a pretty great feeling. And lastly, and possibly most importantly, is Uniqueness and Rarity. There is something to be said for having something no one else does, something your creativity and inspiration helped design, something a little different, a little better than anyone else's. Having something that can't be bought at the local tack store, or even from a catalog where it's mass produced, makes it that much more special.

While I agree that those are all great reasons, if I could summarize in one sentence why it's so much fun to wear designer products I would have to say this~ Because life is too short to blend in. Don't ever settle for average!

Until next time ~ Jess

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