Gag Me!

No, seriously, we can do that! Every day our customers ask if we can shorten the headstalls they are ordering to accommodate a "gag" headstall, high purchase bit, hackamore, etc... Anything that requires a shorter than normal headstall. Years ago, I remember completely removing the browband from my headstall as it was riding clear up into my horse's ears with the new bit I was using. Well, have no fear, those days can be behind you too. Here at Heritage Brand we can shorten the cheek pieces, poll strap, or both to allow your beautiful headstall to be functional as well as stylish. Our standard headstall length shortens to 36", but if you need something a bit shorter, we can customize your headstall to whatever length you need at no charge.

Who uses a draw bit? Who uses a draw bit on a plain leather or nylon headstall as that's what the bit came on? Yep, that's what I thought. Well here's something to can simply remove the cheeks and attach them to a fabulous Heritage Brand browband or split ear headstall! Or better yet, buy a set of Heritage draw cheeks in leather or nylon and add some pizazz with our fancy buckle sets. The options are limitless!

Finally, if you're anything like me and are fortunate to ride many horses, or find yourself switching bits regularly, you might be a candidate for a single ear headstall. Single ear headstalls can shorten up to 4" shorter than a standard browband headstall before encroaching on your horses ears, so are much more versatile.

Providing this free service to our customers is just another way we strive to provide you with products that fit your needs, while being fun and stylish!

Until next time ~ Jess

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