How to Make the Blacklist

Better buckle up for this one!

Of the thousands of amazing customers we have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years, there are unfortunately a few that have stood out as less then ideal, and so for those select individuals we have created a small Blacklist. If any of these "stories" you read below sound familiar to you, it's because they are about you. I will leave out names to protect the guilty.

Customer #1 calls in 3 days before Christmas and has us Overnight an inventory set to her for her daughter for Christmas. We clearly explain that UPS does not guarantee Overnight Delivery, or any expedited delivery this close to Christmas, but customer chooses this option anyhow. Package does not arrive in time for Christmas. Customer leaves multiple aggressive messages and emails on Christmas Day about how "We ruined her daughters Christmas", etc... No ma'am, I think waiting until 3 days before Christmas before ordering a gift may be the culprit here. Oh, and congratulations, you just made the Blacklist.

Customer #2 orders a tack set, uses said tack set for over 6 months, sells horse tack was purchased for. Proceeds to want to return used tack for a full refund in order to pay "bills". When informed that we don't give refunds on used tack, and after giving her her re-sale options customer freaks out and rudely hangs up. Really? Oh, and welcome to the Blacklist.

Customer #3 orders a dog collar. Receives collar and upon receiving it decides she wants to make some changes to the layout. Great, no problem there. EXCEPT customer wants to use the collar for a week while she goes on vacation, then return it and have us make another new collar after receiving a full refund on the original, now used, collar. Did you follow that one? Me either.

Customer #4 orders a headstall and gives measurement for cheeks and poll strap to be shortened for high purchase bit. Receives headstall and determines that it is too small for her horse (her measuring mistake or ours we never did find out). Calls and literally explodes on the phone in an array of insults and verbal attacks and then hangs up. I literally couldn't get a word in to tell her to simply send it back...we will make another one, or credit your card, or WHATEVER will make you happy!!! Good grief. And welcome to the List.

While there are a few more, I think this will give you an idea of shenanigans you too can pull if your goal is to be added to the elusive Heritage Brand Blacklist.

Don't get me wrong, we've all had those days. I've forgotten to take my "emotional Prozak" a time or two (just ask my husband). I can relate to moments of irrational over-reacting, and later feel bad about it. I think we all can to some degree. Our "List" is something we laugh about here at the shop. Sort of.

All that being said, our goal here at Heritage is to make sure that every customer gets the product and service that they want. We are not Spirit Airlines...we are not interested in "sticking it to you" to make a buck.

Until next time ~ Jess

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