How We Roll

When I was 17 I had a job doing telemarketing for an insurance company in Vancouver, WA. I was that annoying person who called during dinner to offer you a "Free quote on your Auto or Home Owners insurance." The job paid good (for a high school kid), the hours were flexible, and that's where the positive part ends. My boss smelled like B.O., the other employees were middle aged women with bad hair who showed up to work with remnants of baby spit up on their shoulders and had NO sense of humor, the office was always cold, and no one was ever happy I was calling them. It pretty much sucked and I counted every minute I was on the clock. Worst. Job. Ever. But it gave me good spending money, and most importantly, something to compare all my future jobs to. I vowed to never again have a job I dreaded.

Fast forward about 16 years. My turn to be boss.

A typical work day here at Heritage Brand includes a heavy dose of Pandora Radio, the occasional Netflix movies, some serious games of "HORSE" on the roping dummy, the frequent mid-day roping or barrel practice out at the arena, frequent "bring your dog to work" days and it's not unheard of to have Happy Hour from time to time. It's a pretty fun atmosphere, and aside from that pesky B.O., I don't think it's anything like that job I used to hate.

There's something to be said for loving what you do. I look forward to each day of work, love the people I work with, and can't imagine doing anything else.

It's probably not a stretch to say that a few of you reading this have wondered what the background noises were the last time you called in, so now you know! And if you called in to talk to me and I "wasn't in", it's because I've snuck out to the arena to ride. Because this to me is the... Best. Job. Ever.

Until next time ~ Jess

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